Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment

DANIELLE DUMONT, LA  is a licensed aesthetician offering traditional and advanced skincare. This is the testimony of her client:

Oh where to begin! This has taken some trial and error, but I am finally feeling like I am on the right track!

Before coming to Danielle, my skin regimen was much more reactive rather than proactive. I came to Danielle feeling defeated with my adult acne as nothing I did seemed to work!

A little acne history on me:

As a teenager, I experienced a lot of breakouts on my forehead and chin, so my mom brought me to my primary care provider and she prescribed me a benzoyl peroxide magic potion and that did the trick and within weeks I was acne free again. As a young adult in my early 20’s, my acne started returning around my chin and eyebrow area. (Freaking awesome.) I started by reaching for my tried and true method of the benzoyl peroxide magic potion and that only made the problem much worse. I was learning the hard way how sensitive my skin truly had become. I would get these relentless under the skin zits on the sides of my chin that I had come to just accept were never going away. I tried so many different products and while some would work for a short while, my ugly friends would soon return. The more aggressive I was on my skin, the worse it would become. (Seems obvious why this wasn’t working, right?)

Cue Danielle! I decided it was time to accept that I had no idea what I was doing and see a professional. I booked my very first facial with Danielle.

“While I thought all I was going to get that day was a facial, I got so much more than that! “

Within minutes of talking with me and looking at my skin, Danielle knew exactly what my skin needed. (You mean you can heal acne without benzoyl peroxide? You’re kidding!)

She helped me navigate my diet and supplements, as well as figure out the right skin care regimen that was needed to not further damage my skin. The truth of the matter is, many ingredients that may help minor acne sufferers, simply just do not cut it for the acne sufferers that are experiencing hormonal triggered break outs like myself.

I literally would send her pictures of products at all hours of the day so she could review the ingredients for me to make sure they were okay for my skin. She’s a freaking scientist! The best part about Danielle is that I have never once been embarrassed coming to see her. (I’m talking white heads everywhere.) If I am going through a tough break out, I will message her to let her know and she simply just reminds me how much she is looking forward to popping my zits! She truly LOVES what she does. There have been several times where I have fallen off of my regimen (the great tragedy of November 2019 comes to mind) and Danielle is there to help get me right back on track and remind me of the importance of keeping a proper skin care regimen. (The woman has not skipped washing her face in a DECADE!) I share these vulnerable pictures because after all the research I have done, I know there are many out there like me. Acne is so damn defeating, and my heart goes out to anyone suffering.

My goal is to be comfortable foundation free by summer time and I know Danielle is going to help me get there!

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Dr. Heather Evans
Author / Tensegrity's Owner and Founder

Dr. Heather Evans is the Owner and Founder of Tensegrity Health and Aesthetics. A native of Maine, she has lived and practiced medicine in the Bangor area since 2006, after graduating from the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine following her Summa Cum Laude undergraduate degree in Nutritional Sciences.

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