Facials are the new flowers at Tensegrity Health & Aesthetics

Facials are the new Flowers


Valentine\’s Day is almost here, and your mom, daughter, best friend, or loved one deserve to be pampered, and relaxed… but that doesn\’t mean that you don\’t either!

If your loved one can\’t make it for one reason or another, why not treat yourself? This treatment is so relieving, and will leave you looking, and feeling amazing!

Also, if you need to pick out a Valentine\’s day gift, we understand how hard it can be. Whether you want your mother or a close friend to not feel alone on this loving holiday, or your significant other is bound to get you an amazing present and you don\’t want to disappoint, Valentine\’s gift ideas can be hard to come by.

That\’s what we\’re here for. They don\’t say \”Facials are the new Flowers\” for nothing you know.

Here at Tensegrity, we value relaxation, luxury, and love. What better way for you to convey these same emotions to someone, or to relieve the daily stresses of your life than with any of our wide selection of spa treatments? Like our…

Chemical Peels

Uses a chemical solution to relieve your face of its dead skin and leave it looking fresh and vibrant!


Uses a surgical scalpel to remove dead skin off of your face. This is a painless and relaxing procedure.

or, our brand new, celebrity-loved…

Fire and Ice Red Carpet Facial!

We invite you to spend 90 minutes with us on ????????????, ???????????? ???????????? for our ????????????????????????????????????’???? ???????????? ???????????????? ???????????? ???????????? Red Carpet Facial Event!!!

    1. Before your Fire and Ice Red Carpet Facial starts, you\’ll relax in a cozy room with some signature Fire and Ice Cocktails and a couple of snacks.
    2. You will be pampered right next to your loved one, as we take you through the rejuvenating Fire and Ice process. During this amazing facial you will receive an arm and hand massage!
      – We will apply a fire masque to your skin, applying relaxing heat.
      -As the slight tingling sensation goes away, you will be able to feel your skin being rejuvenated.
      -Next we apply the ice masque, and it will feel amazing, while doing wonders for your skin.
    3. You will both enjoy an EcoFin Hand Treatment. This is a luxurious treatment in which your skin will be pampered with Eco-Fin, which is a rich blend of palm, soy, jojoba, organic coconut oils, shea butter, vitamin E and essential oils. As this is gently applied to your skin with heat, your skin will be left looking as beautiful as you feel.

This treatment is $200 per person! Reserve a spot while they\’re still open! Couples and one-person bookings can BOOK ONLINE.

One-person bookings must confirm over the PHONE (207) 337-9851. Give us a call!

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(207) 337-9851

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