How Does Spider Vein Treatment Work And How Long Does It Last?

Spider veins are tiny, injured veins that may appear on the surface of various regions in the body mainly legs or face. Generally, they are not harmful or painful, but several beauty-loving individuals want to treat them solely for cosmetic purposes. Spider veins may be blue, purple, or red and can be developed as webs, thin lines, or branches. There are several at-home and advanced spider vein treatments that can eliminate spider veins or decrease their appearance.

How are spider veins caused?

  • Spider veins can occur in the legs due to the inability of valves inside the veins to function properly. These veins that transport the blood back to the heart consist of a one-way valve that closes once the blood passes through it. This valve avoids the backward flow of blood present in them. If this valve weakens or is damaged anytime, there will be a problem for the blood to flow in the right direction and has the chance of pooling in the vein. After some time, it may lead to swelling in that vein causing the development of spider veins. Spider veins on the face are the result of the bursting of small blood vessels mainly caused due to extreme pressure or damage from the sun.
  • Some variations in lifestyle along with self-care can aid in avoiding new spider veins from appearing or halt the aggravation of existing ones. They are:
  • Sustaining a healthy weight will support negating the pressure on the veins and retaining proper blood circulation.
  • Wearing sunscreen without fail while going in the sun regularly can aid in avoiding spider veins, especially on the face. Try to wear sun-protective clothing and hats when staying exposed to sun rays for extended periods.
  • Wearing compression stockings especially if there is a history of spider veins in the family.
  • Refrain from being confined to a place by sitting or standing for extended periods. Never hesitate to take breaks and keep walking around for every half an hour.
  • Do not wear tight clothes that are very tight especially in the waist, legs, or pelvis regions, and can limit the flow of blood enhancing the chance of developing spider veins.
  • Excessive usage of hot tubs and saunas can lead to bulging of veins due to excessive heat. It may enhance the threat of dilated and bulging veins in the legs.
  • For some, consuming excess alcohol can lead to flushing in the face and broken blood vessels.
  • Regular physical activity can aid in enhance circulation and avoid the chances of blood accumulations, especially in the legs.
  • People will surely find great benefit from raising the legs while lying down or sitting avoiding the accumulation of blood in the legs.
  • Several skin issues like rosacea may enhance the risk of getting spider veins and such people may want to visit a skin specialist to seek various treatment options.
  • If you only have trouble with the appearance of spider veins, you can use makeup to mask them temporarily.

But if any of these practices don’t work well, you have to consider an advanced spider vein treatment from a reliable center to ensure its effectiveness. It is always key to check a qualified healthcare professional who is an expert in advanced practices concerning, vein care, dermatology, or cosmetic surgeries.


Vascular lesions do exist in 10-15% of adults, with more in females than males. They can be dominant in a controlled region or widespread over several regions and may show up as one line or clusters. Vasculaze can aid in treating existing lesions while also avoiding them from getting worse. Vasculaze is the best and proven solution for an easy, relaxed, and fast treatment. The appearance of veins can be ugly, stimulating beauty lovers to seek treatment options. Vasculaze can aid in resolving diverse types of leg and facial vein issues with a laser that is focused to treat the blood vessel leading to blemishes. Vasculaze consists of a specifically designed head that is developed to target a single vein or vein network, transforming the treatments to be secured and precise. The technology in the Vasculaze directs measured pulses of light into the problematic vein. This activity causes the veins to gradually weaken and fade, avoiding the requirement for any surgical incisions. Usually, there will be 3 sessions but some may need more depending on the issue. There will be

slow improvement in the target region after the initial treatment.

What types of veins can be treated?

Usually, the suggested types of vascular veins to be treated are:

  • Facial and spider veins
  • Port-wine stains
  • Leg veins
  • Telangiectasias and angiomas

More common areas of treatment include the face, arms, Upper chest and thighs, back of thighs, and lower legs.

How long will the treatments last?

Spider veins will generally begin to disappear after the scheduled events, but the process may take around 6 weeks. Few patients will require several sessions to fade off the spider veins significantly. It is key to follow the advice of the specialists to guarantee the effectiveness of the results. Vasculaze treatments will not demand long stay in hospitals or prolonged recovery periods. It will be a fast treatment, where people can visit the clinic and go back within no time, reliant on the usage of the vein network. There may be a requirement of few weeks before indulging in routine activities that stimulate enhanced blood flow, like strength exercises, depending on the target region to be treated.

Final thoughts:

Spider veins are usually caused due to damaged veins or burst blood vessels. Even though they are pain-free in most cases and do not lead to any health issues, but beauty lovers may desire to eliminate them for purely cosmetic reasons. If you are among them, chose a reliable center like Tensegrity Health medical spa where consists of comprehensive procedures, products, and services. We at Tensegrity emphasize working towards a decisive client treatment experience and stunning outcomes.

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