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How Forma is Used as a Skin Tightening Treatment

What are the most popular skin tightening treatments? There’s microneedling, Botox and Dysport, Evoke facial contouring, and more. But have you heard of Forma and how effective it is at tightening skin?

This post focuses on just one of the benefits of Forma. We will discuss how it works as a skin tightening system, how the procedure goes, how long its effects last, and its other benefits.

What is Forma?

Forma is a revolutionary technology that treats wrinkles, skin sagging, and other signs of aging without surgery, downtime, or pain. It is one of the newest pieces of innovation in the cosmetic world that does not rely on surgery. But even if non-invasive, is highly effective in its skin tightening capabilities.

Forma uses heat and radiofrequency to do its job instead of physically puncturing the skin to activate healing processes as microneedling does. However, Forma promotes collagen production around the skin the same way microneedling does. Collagen structures the skin and makes it firm.

How Does Forma Work as a Skin Tightening Treatment?

Forma is the first auto-adjusting thermal skin treatment. It delivers heat to the deep layers of the skin using radiofrequency, and the heat stimulates skin tissues to restructure. Several scientific studies support the principle of using heat for the skin.

Heat increases blood flow in the skin, allowing oxygen and much-needed nutrients to get to the skin. Heat stimulates the regrowth of damaged cells and the production of fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are cells that emit collagen proteins that support the structural framework of tissues.

The radiofrequency that Forma emits triggers contractions in the deep layers of the skin. Aside from stimulating collagen production, the contractions also improve skin elasticity by promoting elastin formation. Elastin helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, and other effects of aging.

Is Forma Truly Safe?

Forma says that it is safe, but how can you be sure that it actually is? Forma is an FDA-approved body contouring and skin tightening device. The FDA has declared cosmetic use as safe for all skin types.

Forma uses electrodes to provide thermal therapy. And because is auto-adjusting, it detects the temperature emitted to the skin and ensures it does not exceed safe levels. There are no risks to Forma; it is entirely risk-free.

Forma is Pain-Free

Aside from being completely safe, Forma is also comfortable. Many patients compare it to a nice hot stone massage. The auto-adjusting feature of the device ensures that the wand does not get too hot or burn the skin in the least.

As long as the cosmetics expert is trained in using the device, you have nothing to fear. We at Tensegrity Health & Aesthetics are thoroughly trained, qualified, licensed, registered, and experienced.

Are There Side Effects?

The only side effect of the Forma treatment is slight redness around the treatment area. The redness is due to exposure to heat but will fade within a few hours. The skin might also be sensitive to touch – this side effect will also fade within a few hours.

Both side effects are entirely natural and expected. They are no cause for worry.

How Does the Treatment Go?

Before undergoing the treatment, you have to discuss your needs with a cosmetic professional. The aesthetician can make judgments about the best treatment for you, and you can consider your options.

Just before the actual procedure, the practitioner will apply a soothing gel conductor to the treatment site. The gel conductor will ensure that the treatment remains pain-free and effective. While eliminating all risks of burns, the gel also helps evenly spread the radiofrequency heat to the deep layers of the skin.

The gel also helps the Forma device to glide over your skin smoothly. The practitioner will work with the wand to heat your skin to the optimum therapeutic temperature. The procedure only takes 30 minutes for each body part; if you want to treat multiple body parts, each part will take 30 minutes.

There is no downtime or preparation period for the non-surgical procedure. Immediately after the treatment, you can go back to your day as if nothing had happened.

How Many Forma Sessions Will I Need for Optimum Results?

For best results, you should have multiple Forma sessions for one body part. You need at least five sessions to see drastic results. Even though there is no recovery period downtime, you can schedule each session 2-3 days apart from each other just to be safe.

How Long Do Results Last?

Unlike surgical procedures, Forma is not a permanent fix. Rather, it is an effective maintenance program that will help prevent extreme measures such as surgery.

You will notice slight improvements on your skin after each session but will reach maximum results after multiple sessions. Once you attain your desired results, you need to take non-surgical maintenance procedures to further apart to prevent the skin from deteriorating.

You have to consult with a dermatologist or an experienced practitioner about how often you should undergo maintenance sessions to maintain the optimum results. Forma will not stop aging; as time pass by, the technology will not be as effective as your skin naturally loses its firmness and elasticity.

Am I a Good Candidate for Forma?

Forma works for all skin types and tones. It works on any body part on which the skin is sagging and requires tightening. Forma is an ideal.

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