Tensegrity Health Skincare Tips

Tensegrity Health Skincare Tips

Proper hydration is crucial to our overall health AND beautiful skin. Not only does water play an important role in your digestion and circulation, but it’s also vital for your skin’s health and beauty.

When a person drinks water, their body’s cells become nourished and hydrated

Once H20 is applied, skin, hair, nails and every other part of us blooms, which contributes to overall changes in our appearance.

Now let’s talk about the reason why it’s essential to make sure you’re drinking adequate amounts of water each day.

1. Youthful Skin
Without water, the skin begins to shrivel up and dry. Prolonged periods of dehydration can cause skin damage and the dryness results on the skin. Though water does not cure wrinkles, regular hydration will help keep the skin for longer looking younger and healthier.

2. Boosts the Glow of Skin
Since the skin comprises about 64 percent water, without hydration it is flaky. A lack of water can worsen these ailments in dry areas, causing ashy and itchy skin. This is why moisturizers like lotion help smooth out skin and contribute to a water-based “glow”.

3. Rinses the Body, Making Skin Clearer
Water is what flushes the bladder with bacteria— that’s why we urinate. Lighter/clear urine indicates adequate hydration levels and thus equates to healthier and more productive living. It will have a positive effect on the skin and make it look healthier and smoother.

As you can see, proper hydration is critical to health and vitality. Recommended drinking at least 84 ounces of water a day.

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