What exactly is Evoke and how does it work for a facial makeover

What Exactly is Evoke, and How Does it Work for a Facial Makeover?

When it comes to new technology for a facial makeover, Evoke is always on the list. Nowadays, Evoke facial contouring has been sought out by clients who want to do facial makeovers. After all, the face is the first thing we see when we meet with people. Who would want to not look fabulous and young in front of everyone?

Evoke Facial Contouring: A cutting-edge technology

Evoke is one of the safest and latest facial contouring procedures available in town. It is a comfortable, relaxing, effective, and pain-free procedure for facial rejuvenation. This is the reason why clients always look for it. Evoke Facial Contouring does not use incisions or injections to remodel the face, unlike other facial contouring technologies. It only uses energy to rejuvenate, tighten, and remove fat from the face, making it patient-friendly. 

What are the benefits of Evoke Facial Contouring?

  • Evoke Facial Contouring targets the chin, under-chin, and other facial areas
  • Evoke Facial Contouring is non-invasive and non-surgical.
  • Evoke Facial Contouring does not require recovery and downtime.
  • Evoke Facial Contouring is hands-free.
  • Patients can do other leisurely things during the procedure while having their faces rejuvenated with Evoke.
  • Evoke is a simple, quick, and pain-free method of facial contouring.
  • The Evoke device system makes use of color-blind radiofrequency technology, which is effective and safe on all skin types and skin tones.
  • Since Evoke Facial Contouring is administered hands-free, patients who are conscious of practitioners (or people, in general) can have peace of mind.
  • Facial contouring with Evoke allows safe tightening and heating of the skin on the jowls, cheeks, neck, and under the chin.
  • Evoke helps improve early signs of aging. It helps improve volume and laxity.
  • You can get younger-looking skin in just around 45 minutes.

What does Evoke exactly do?

Facial contouring or facial modeling means that the structure of your connective tissues is altered. Doing this makes the living tissues reorder their structural organization, resulting in the provision of renewed skin. In this device, Evoke, bipolar radiofrequency energy is utilized to do facial contouring.

Bipolar radiofrequency energy travels down into the subdermal layers of your neck, jawline, cheeks, and jowls. As it goes deep down under your skin, it strengthens and heats your fibro septal network.

Temperature also plays an essential role in this treatment. With the right temperature, Evoke will continually remodel the subdermal tissues and dermis. Moreover, this temperature is responsible for providing more definition to your face.

In addition to remodeling your tissues, collagen stimulation is also triggered during the procedure. Collagen is a protein that helps in restoring dead skin cells, making the skin firmer than ever.

It is essential to know that the intensity of the temperature employed at a precise skin depth during an Evoke treatment is necessary to achieve the desired results. Thus, Evoke is also considered customizable as every person has different skin anatomies.

When can I see the results from the Evoke treatment?

Clients usually see visible results even after just one treatment, which lasts for around 45 minutes. But based on experience, three to six treatments of Evoke can make the following changes: the neck and lower face more radiant and smooth, and the jawline more sculpted and defined, without the presence of lines, jowls, and wrinkles.

These results are long-lasting. However, they may not be permanent. It is essential to know that Evoke only reduces visible signs of aging on the face, but it cannot stop actual aging. Still, you can consider Evoke as a complete treatment. It can tighten, rejuvenate, adjust muscle tone to make your skin firm. It also stimulates collagen production, tightens skin at a deeper level, and destroys fat in the lower face and jowls.

What areas can be rejuvenated with Evoke Facial Contouring?

Evoke is a procedure specially designed to treat the following areas:

  • Neck
  • Face
  • Chin
  • Jowls
  • Cheeks

Who are suitable candidates for Evoke?

Evoke is effective and safe for patients regardless of skin color, skin type, and age. Anyone who wishes to treat problem areas with Evoke is a suitable candidate. As mentioned, the FDA has cleared this technology so that you can count on its safety and efficiency.

What happens after being treated with Evoke?

Nothing! As mentioned earlier, Evoke does not require a lengthy recovery period or downtime. You may feel a bit warm in the treated area, but this resolves on its own and is bearable. After that, you are good to go!

How safe is Evoke?

Suppose you are conscious of being too close with somebody during the pandemic. In that case, Evoke will satisfy your cosmetic dreams while ensuring your safety. Because it is hands-free, social distancing won’t be much of a problem.

Also, the device is already set before the treatment. Evoke already includes a temperature monitoring system that allows it to employ just the right temperature on the problem area without making you uncomfortable. Should you have any concerns during the treatment, you can call the aestheticians in charge of the procedure with the push of a button.

Be more beautiful with Evoke.

Evoke Facial Contouring is indeed a modern and unique treatment that offers promising benefits to the skin. It treats skin aging symptoms deep down and not just on the mere surface, making it more trustworthy as a face remodeling treatment. After all, what you can see outside is a reflection of what you see on the inside. So taking charge of skin aging at a cellular level is a smart move, per se.

I want to try Evoke. Who should I contact?

Suppose you are around Maine and are looking for a place to try Evoke Facial Contouring. In that case, you may book an appointment with Tensegrity Health and Aesthetics through their website. They are a medical spa staffed with experienced physicians and aestheticians who have been in the industry for years. Tensegrity Health and Aesthetics guarantee their customers that they will help bring balance, health, and beauty to their lives— and you can be next!

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