Electrolysis hair removal

What Is Electrolysis Hair Removal? Is It Safe?

Unwanted hair can be an annoying situation among many individuals both men and women. Few treatments are highly expensive or tedious to be done frequently. You may be looking to eliminate that hair growth forever, but how? Several methods in the market claim to show permanent results without any hiccups, but which one to rely on? If you’ve performed some research on advanced hair removal techniques you may have probably heard about electrolysis. While it’s not widespread as laser or waxing, electrolysis hair removal is the only approved permanent hair removal method.

What is electrolysis hair removal? 

  • Electrolysis eliminates the hair follicle by passing an electrical current via a needle injected into the hair follicle and destroys the cells that initiate hair growth. The electric current goes through a needle injected into the hair follicle and chemically modifies the water and salt content in the skin to generate sodium hydroxide. Sodium hydroxide is acidic enough to destroy the cells that are responsible for hair growth. There will be no new development of hair as the root itself is eliminated. Distinct from other hair removal methods that only target the hair, electrolysis causes harm and knocks off the follicle itself, thus avoiding the regrowth of hair.
  • It was a method initially utilized by Ophthalmologist Charles Michel in 1875 to eliminate the ingrown hair on the eyebrows. Electrolysis hair removal can be performed on any part of the body. While smaller regions on the face such as the upper lip and the eyebrows will take only about 15 minutes slightly larger regions like the bikini line will take around 30 minutes. Still larger large regions such as the arms, or legs, will take an hour or two.
  • Undoubtedly, it is the most successful method of permanent hair removal treatment in the market. It is highly beneficial especially for women who have unwanted hair growth in facial or other visible regions of the body. It is beneficial over several other techniques such as shaving that grows back the hair quickly, cream or powder depilatories that use harmful chemicals with only temporary results, waxing and tweezing that are painful but only last for few days.

How many sessions does it take?

  • Most people need multiple treatments to get their hair removed permanently with electrolysis. This is due to the presence of multiple follicles in each hair, and inactive follicles may regrow the hair in between sessions with specific regrowth cycles. Many factors impact the growth of hair, so you will require to go for multiple electrolysis sessions. The total number of sessions required to eliminate the hair permanently from a specific region will differ from person to person.
  • So, it is important to follow the advice of your precise doctor in not missing any scheduled sessions for optimal hair removal. They will schedule follow-up treatments with a precise gap between the session depending on the response of the first treatment, skin type, or any adverse reaction to the procedure. As mentioned above, specific areas will require a specific time for complete hair removal depending on the surface volume. Once the hair has been eliminated there’s no requirement of any annual maintenance appointments.

Is it Safe?

There will be no utilization of harmful chemicals on the skin. The technique itself has shown no long-term health issues, either. You need to be aware that electrolysis inserts a tiny needle into every hair follicle and passes an electrical current through it. The majority of people will feel some amount of discomfort, normally as a pricking feeling, like getting a tattoo. The doctor may give you a mild aesthetic cream of pain killer tablet an hour before the treatment and advice you to apply ice after the session. The pain will differ reliant on the individual tolerance and the sensitivity of the target region.

How do you choose the practitioner?

  • If not done correctly, electrolysis can harm the follicle leading to inflammation. In some cases, there are also chances of scarring or infection with the use of unsterilized probes. Hence, choosing an experienced or board-certified dermatologist will highly decrease the chances of these risks. The practitioner must employ only the approved needle form of electrolysis, which is the only permanent form of hair removal. Few inexperienced professionals will make use of electronic tweezers or photo epilators in place of needles that are not at all approved.
  • Electrologists are professionals who have qualified training to carry the procedure of electrolysis. If you are looking to go for electrolysis treatment, it is key that you do perform ample research before your decision.
  • Verify the qualifications of the electrolysis professional. Some states need electrologists to be licensed or certified within the state to perform this procedure. If you are residing in such states, verify if the practitioner’s qualification is valid. For states that do not have any specific rules for electrolysis, go for professionals who are qualified from a qualified center.
  • An ideal way to get connected to a reliable service is to enquire your known ones for recommendations. If a person in the family has undergone electrolysis, ask for their feedback. It is key to perform thorough research before you decide on getting the process done.
  • When you get your consultation, clear all the doubts by asking questions. Is the place looking hygienic with professional behavior? Are they employing disposable materials like needles or gloves? Explain all your medical history to the doctor who will perform the procedure. If you are not comfortable with the answers, look for other alternatives. It is important to choose the best for your long-term health benefits.

Final thoughts:

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