What is Oxygen Bar? What does an oxygen bar do for you?

What is Oxygen Bar? What does an oxygen bar do for you?

Are you a victim of low energy levels, trouble in focusing, hangovers, frequent headaches, mood swings? In the age of constantly growing health trends, there is a significant rise in the popularity of oxygen bar across the USA. It has claims of providing you with pure oxygen that aids in achieving optimal overall health by stabilizing the body from issues caused by low levels of oxygen in routine life. 

What is an oxygen bars?

Breathing oxygen is important for living, but there is a significant difference in the amount of oxygen you breathe than in ancient days. The addition of pollution with destruction in the ozone layer has contributed to this lack of oxygen. Consequently, it has led to the weakening of cells, reduced immunity that makes us susceptible to various other health issues. Providing the body with extra oxygen aids in fighting the chemicals from pollutants, reduces stress, and aids in offering better overall health.

Oxygen also has extra benefits in enhancing digestion, soothing the mind, increasing recovery, memory, focus, and attentiveness. It has also proven to be good at fighting chronic fatigue and fights aging problems. Oxygen bar provides a healthy dose of 90-95% oxygen that can range for up to 20 minutes. As you start breathing extra oxygen via the nose, you will feel the increasing relaxation with decreasing the effects of headaches and hangover.

What does an oxygen bar do for you?

Ideally, the system offers extra oxygen only to your body added with the option of extra scent if needed. The normal air we breathe only consists of around 21% oxygen, but the oxygen bars are capable to offer 90-95% pure oxygen without any extra pollutants. There may be an optional scent present in the air that will stimulate mood enhancement and positivity. The process is relatively very simple where you have to just wear a mask over the face and feel this pure oxygen through the concentrator.

It comes with the advantage of relatively lower prices and the benefit of pure oxygen. The normal world is filled with high pollution especially in urban areas that have a large number of vehicles, factories, and other pollutants. The benefits of oxygen bar have been realized across the globe and have been embraced in several major cities. Just a few minutes of dedicated time to breathe fresh air can give you unparalleled benefits. Even though science has not backed heavily, many studies have shown people to find positive effects on enhancement in sleep, mood, and energy levels. 

Major benefits of oxygen bar:

  • Oxygen is a very key element to the body along with healthy food and water. Oxygen bars will offer a healthy dosage of oxygen than the air in the modern-day environment. It is also considered as alternative medicine in oxygen therapy to eliminate many health issues naturally. Studies have shown that people have seen subtle improvements in their health with the consumption of pure air.
  • Due to the unavailability of pure air in the modern environment, people are facing issues like shortness of breath, lack of concentration, dizziness, abnormal heartbeat, visual problems, chest pain, and many more. Even though you may not see dramatic improvements by visiting the oxygen bar once, regular therapies may help you to reduce the problems gradually by enhancing the blood oxygen levels.
  • Researches have shown that people have found an enhancement in energy levels while they perform their routine tasks at home or office.
  • Enhancement in sports performanceEnhancement in energy levels will transform the food into much-needed strength for superior sports performance.
  • Decrease stress, enhance mood and focus: With the right blend of pure oxygen and essential oils, you will find enhancement in mood, concentration, and decreased stress levels.
  • Offer good relief for hangovers and headachesIt will help in reducing these problems naturally with the increase in the flow of oxygen.
  • Encourages good sleepWith a sufficient supply of oxygen, there will be ample support for you to sleep soundly.
  • Improved metabolic function: With the enhanced oxygen flow, there will be improved circulation and a good response to weight loss and muscle gaining goals. Due to this, it has shown a positive impact on people with good health to enhance the results in overall well-being.
  • A good dose of oxygen is also important for developing fresh skin cells, collagen, blood vessels, and promote healing in the skin. Research has shown that it has found positive results in wound injuries, reducing the impact of ulcers, decreased circulation, swelling with increased delivery of oxygen. This will also cause a reduction in bacterial infection of the skin showcasing a subtle glow in the skin.

But you have to be sure of visiting a qualified spa since there are chances of adverse effects if there is any negligence at any stage. As people have seen the health benefits of oxygen bars, they are more encouraged to receive this subtle benefit with regular oxygen therapy. 

Are oxygen bars safe?

There are some concerns related to maintaining proper hygiene at the oxygen bars and also the levels of oxygen purity. If not maintained cleanly, oxygen bar devices can be breeding space for harmful germs, viruses that can impact the health of a recipient. There should be a proper blend of oxygen with the scent, as there may be a reduction in the actual oxygen purity. Some of the scents employed in the concentration might be harmful to the recipients with vulnerable respiratory systems. Even scents made from natural plant sources can lead to allergies in some individuals. The symptoms of the allergies may include dizziness, headaches, nausea, breathing issues, and triggering asthma problems. 


If you are looking to gain the benefits of an oxygen bar, then it should be at a reliable med spa-like Tensegrity Health. With a safe and hygienic environment, we always focus on providing you with a supreme treatment experience with a smooth blend of beauty, health, and balance. 

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Dr. Heather Evans
Author / Tensegrity's Owner and Founder

Dr. Heather Evans is the Owner and Founder of Tensegrity Health and Aesthetics. A native of Maine, she has lived and practiced medicine in the Bangor area since 2006, after graduating from the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine following her Summa Cum Laude undergraduate degree in Nutritional Sciences.

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