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What Is The Difference Between Latisse And Lash Boost For Eyelash Growth?

Dark, Long, and attractive eyelashes is a very unique facial feature for all beauty lovers across the globe. With the advancements in aesthetics, a few exciting solutions aid in enhancing the look of eyelashes. Highly popular and widely used among such medications are Latisse and Lash Boost. Started to be used as a medication for improper eyelash growth, it will be effective in offering the users to enhance the length, thickness, and darkness of the lashes. But you have to be aware of the differences between the two medications to chose the right one for your needs.

Latisse for eyelash growth:

  • Latisse is the human-created form of a naturally occurring compound named prostaglandin. Latisse is effective to enhance the length, darkness, and thickness of the eyelashes with proper administered usage. It was majorly used as a treatment due to loss of eyelashes from medical treatments like chemotherapy or even aging issues. It is the only treatment that has been approved by FDA to manage improper eyelash growth.
  • It is a fluid topical application that should be placed along the lash line of the higher eyelid with a caution of not to be used on lower lashes. It is recommended to use this compound for at least a couple of months to get the expected results. You will observe constant results as long as you keep using the medication. As there is a stoppage in the use of this medication eyelashes will shift back to their original form.
  • Latisse is the winner in the terms of medical aspects as it is the only FDA approved treatment for solving the eyelash issue. This compound also has the support of many clinical trials behind them with also finances from large pharmaceutical firms. Hence, you will be guaranteed about the way of its working and the pace of its outcome.

Lash Boost

  • Lash Boost is an eyelash improvement product that is sold by Rodan and Fields, an international firm that was launched in 2007. But distinct to Latisse that is approved by FDA, Lash Boost does not have any approval and is sold as a serum and not medication. Lash Boost consists of ingredients like keratin and biotin along with sodium hyaluronate and isopropyl cloprostenol.
  • Lash Boost is a non-medicated serum, which implies that it has no support of clinical testing as an FDA-approved medication like Latisse. But as per some proofs of the aid of active ingredients in Lash boost promoting hair growth has led to its usage. For instance, biotin has shown effects in growing hair especially in individuals with biotin deficiency.
  • Regardless of the aid of biotin to the hair, it has no specific usefulness in enhancing eyelash growth. Another Lash boost ingredient keratin has only evidence of hair growth but without any specific effect on the growth of eyelashes.
  • So, in general, there is no actual scientific proof of eyelash improvement with the use of Lash Boost serum. All the references given by the marketing companies are only based on studies and not on proper scientific pieces of evidence.
  • With the ability of some ingredients to promote overall hair growth in some people, this product has been employed as a supportive serum even though there is no proper scientific proof of its effectiveness. But it will not require a prescription from an expert doctor as it is not an FDA regulated medicine but only a cosmetic product.

Advantages of Latisse for eyelash growth:

  • Once starting the usage, the treatment is easy to perform regularly. But it is dependent on the advice of expert practitioners and their suggestions about the application. But you will be joyful to know that it is just the simple upper lash line application every day.
  • You can simply eliminate the mascara, false eyelashes, or extensions as you would not want to use these expensive and irritating procedures. You would not want to present yourself to the strong compounds that are present in those glues and makeups that are employed to use false eyelashes or extensions.
  • Another unparalleled and unique benefit of using Latisse is its ability to provide natural-looking results with not much delay. With proper usage as per advice from expert practitioners, many people will see results in 2 to 3 months of application.
  • Latisse offers the advantage of wearing the contact lenses even while application of the compound. But you will have to mention the contact lenses during the initial consultation with the expert. They will offer you all the key instructions on applying the product even with the use of contact lenses.
  • As Latisse is approved by FDA and needs prescriptions, you will have to associate with expert professionals to know the application. While this treatment is highly safe, as you are associated with a doctor will ensure that your health will be safeguarded.
  • This treatment offers you more flexibility in the regular usage process as in the traditional eyelashes. Applying glue, makeup while you get up every day in the morning and also remove them before you go to bed. Latisse will allow you to get up from the bed with beautiful-looking eyelashes.
  • Your known ones will be shocked when they see your eyelashes growing thicker, fuller, and healthy within no time. There will be no visibility of any artificial appearance as eyelashes will grow naturally after some days of Latisse usage. There will be a strong growth of confidence as there will be improvements in your overall feel and appearance.


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