Anti-Aging Skincare and The Benefit of Diolaze XL Laser Hair Removal

What Makes Express Facial Different From Other Facial Treatments?

The first impression lasts, thus how your skin looks matters. Your face is one of your most valuable assets and is usually the first noticed. It has theatrical expressions that portray various emotions, and having dull skin limits your confidence and lowers your self-esteem. Taking care of your skin is essential not only to your overall health but also to your well-being. It lifts your mood that it radiates from the inside to your outside appearance. Exercise, balance-diet, drinking a lot of water and getting enough sleep are effective ways to keep your body looking young and fresh. Pampering yourself now and then by a skin-care expert helps you eliminate hard-to-remove dirt that does not usually get washed off by your typical skin-care routine. Tensegrity Health and Aesthetics in Bangor, Maine have trained and licensed professionals who can help and customize treatment with any of your skin-care concerns. They also have express services like express facial, perfect for busy people.

What is a facial?

A facial treatment is a skin-care treatment that includes steaming, extraction, masks, peels, and light massage. Face and back facials are the two commonly treated areas. The execution of Facial treatments is usually at skin-care clinics, beauty salons, or spas. It helps remove the impurities of the skin caused by the environment like acne formation. It can also keep your skin youthful and can slow down aging. It is a multi-purpose skin-care regimen that exfoliates, cleanses, nourishes, and keeps your skin hydrated.

What is back facial treatment?

Back facial treatment is a similar procedure and serves the same purpose as the facials on the face but only differs in the parts of the body and area. Apart from our face, our back is a common area of acne build-up. And since it’s hard to reach, cleaning and exfoliating can be a challenge. Having a back facial treatment can help not just cleansing your body, but also helps heal the dry skin on your back. It is a relaxing treatment that releases the tension on your back muscle because of the gentle massage. Continued treatment on this part of the body, whether or not you have zits, blackheads, or whiteheads, can reduce your break-out risk. It can also eliminate blemishes, dark spots, and scars. There are also available express back treatments for people who are always in a rush.

What is the difference between blackheads and whiteheads?

Acne is a skin condition where dirt and oil accumulate over time on your skin. Then the acne forms pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. The acne forms are non-inflammatory acne. They are the clogged pores that have sebum or dirt and oils with dead skin cells combined. 

Blackheads are open pores, while whiteheads are closed pores. Closed pores mean that the skin hasn’t broken up yet and remains intact under your skin. Open pores indicate exposure from the air enabling the oxidation process inside your pores with the dirt and oil, making it turn black.

Getting regular facials can help reduce acne from build-ups like pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads.

What is the purpose of each process of facials?

Every facial treatment has a general way of the process though not all follow the step-by-step procedure. Some have different techniques and different products used, depending on your need and skin type.


The first step for doing a facial is steaming. Steaming is the process of hot water vaporization. This step opens up your pores and makes your skin ready for the next steps. Facial steaming helps increase blood circulation on your face that results in a healthy glow. The warm steam triggers your nervous system that is responsible for the secretion of sweat. The increased sweat expands your blood vessels for increased blood flow, allowing more oxygen to flow. Steaming also opens your pores and loosens any dirt build-up and softens the blackheads or whiteheads to prepare the skin for the exfoliation and extraction process.


During the exfoliation process, a chemical is applied to the face to help remove dead skin cells. Depending on your facial needs, there are available strong chemical peels for exfoliation. 


The extraction process is the manual removal of blackheads and whiteheads on your face. It is an uncomfortable feeling because of the pricking but feels good afterward. This process should only be executed by trained professionals to avoid skin damage. Improper extraction can cause scars and discoloration.

4.Facial massage

Facial massage is a gentle hand stroke in a circular motion on your face. It is a relaxing massage that stimulates your skin’s muscles and promotes healthy blood flow circulation. 

How long do the effects of facial become visible?

You may notice the visible effects of facials after a day or two. You may have a light and clean feeling right after the treatment. Because of the extraction, there may be a few hours of downtime of recovery. However, facials like express facials have minimal to zero downtime recovery because they skip the extraction step.

How can facial prevent aging?

The skin produces dead skin cells every thirty-day cycle, and this process allows a baby-like skin touch on your skin. Dead skin cells shed off over time through daily activities like scrubbing, friction from our contact with an object, and the like. However, the dead cells are not 100% removed and overlap with the new cells’ regeneration. When this happens, the dead skin cells trap the new cells underneath that cause clogged pores, uneven texture, break-out, and may pose other skin conditions. Keeping a regular skin-care exfoliation can help reduce this risk and give you the benefits of young-looking skin and delay aging signs. A specialist’s intervention through facial treatment is one way to keep an in-depth exfoliation to achieve the desired result.

What makes express facial different from other facial treatments?

Regular facial treatments can take an hour or more, depending on your requirement and skin condition. The process in itself takes a good 20 to 30 minutes of each. It is ideal for those who have the leisure time to pamper themselves. On the other hand, Express facial is a quick facial regimen for on-the-go individuals who can only spare a few minutes to get that instant glow.

How often should I do facials?

Monthly visits for facials are the ideal skin-care regimen routine because our skin regenerates every month. Keeping up with the new skin cells’ natural regeneration leaves your dead skin cells, no room on your skin’s surface. Although, not everyone can commit to a schedule, scheduling 3 or 4 times a year is an option other than none at all. Some skin-care professionals may also require you to do weekly visits or just an annual one depending on your skin condition.

Getting a facial should be performed by a trained professional to avoid future damage to the skin like scarring or discoloration. Consulting a skin-care specialist can help you choose the right facial treatment for your skin type and lifestyle. Tensegrity Health and Aesthetics in Bangor, Maine have varieties of treatment options to choose from that best fit those who have the luxury of time or those in need of speedy touch-ups. The “Quickie” facial, express back treatment, flash exfoliation, blackhead relief, and eye rescue are available options. Each has a specific spot for quick yet effective relief.

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