Evoke Facial Contouring

Facial Contouring at Tensegrity


Evoke is a revolutionary, hands-free facial remodeling platform. This proprietary non-invasive technology is an industry first, delivering hands-free thermal treatment to cheeks, jawline and submental (under chin) remodeling. The remodeling of these areas produces results that are associated with a youthful appearance.

Evoke’s hands-free facial applicators deliver proven bipolar radiofrequency (RF) energy to the cheeks, neck, and jawline. The RF energy penetrates deep into the subdermal layer, heating the Fibro Septal Network (FSN). With its ability to maintain a constant temperature, Evoke remodels the dermis and subdermal tissue to deliver more defined facial characteristics.

Treating these targeted areas of the face produce results that bring back your youthful appearance. Evoke is the ultimate in medical-grade technology. It is also safe, comfortable, and has remarkable benefits and results.

Remodeling your cheeks and jowls means altering the connective tissue structure, causing living tissue to reorder structural organization, and providing skin renewal.


Facial Contouring

Bipolar radiofrequency or RF energy is presented to your jawline, neck, and cheeks. Energy from radiofrequency moves down into your subdermal layers, heating and strengthening your Fibro Septal Network. Evoke maintains a continual temperature to remodel your dermis and subdermal tissues. This continual temperature produces more definition to your face.

In addition, collagen that provides support for the skin is triggered to keep the skin firm. The handsfree Evoke device delivers RF energy to a precise depth during the treatment. Evoke keeps the intensity necessary for your facial anatomy. Evoke is a customized treatment entirely pain-free with no downtime.

Evoke Facial Contouring FAQs

After three to six treatments, the lower face and neck will have an improvement in skin texture and firmness.

Results are long-lasting but may not be permanent. Evoke cannot stop the natural progression of aging, but it can reduce these signs of aging on your face.

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