Tensegrity offers PRF treatment for hair loss, which is one of the most promising treatments available for hair regrowth.

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PRF and Pep Factor at Tensegrity


As we age, there are several factors that may cause you experience hair loss. While it is important to have a medical evaluation for excessive hair loss, if there is no identifiable cause OR if treatment of underlying cause has been identified and corrected, we can slow down the process of hair loss and create new growth with modern technology with PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) and/or PEP Factor treatments! If you are losing hair, you know how difficult that is on your self-esteem. Different factors lead to hair loss, including genetics, stress, and the wrong product use. PepFactor Hair Regrowth/Rejuvenation offers the benefits of:

  • Organic scalp rejuvenation,
  • Affordable and effective,
  • Nonsurgical,
  • Long-lasting results,
  • Easy procedures.
  • In just a couple of weeks from your first treatment, you can see results!
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About Platelet Rich Fibrin Treatment
for Hair Restoration

Tensegrity offers PRF treatment for hair loss, which is one of the most promising treatments available for hair regrowth. All it takes is a blood draw and a series of injections. PRF hair restoration therapy safely treats men and women. Clinical studies show that PRF addresses certain types of alopecia or patterned hair loss. It is not a surgical procedure, and there is little downtime.
  • A blood draw is taken from your arm,
  • Spun in a centrifuge, and
  • Your own platelets and growth factors are isolated and injected or microneedled into your scalp at the level of the hair follicle. PRF uses cell growth factors to regenerate and restore the inactive hair follicle through wound-healing technology. These specific growth factors are essential in tissue regeneration and healing.

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Dr. Heather Evans carries tremendous expertise on the PRP Hair Restoration Treatment, and is equipped to lead you to the head of hair you were meant to have.

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Frequently asked questions

Platelet-Rich Fibrin, also known as PRF is an FDA-approved comprehensive therapy that is employed in enhancing the natural healing process. A sample of blood is drawn and spun down in a centrifuge to separate the blood components. These potent growth factors and platelets are injected into your scalp to stimulate hair regrowth.

Most PRF initial therapy plans require three treatments 4–6 weeks apart.
Maintenance treatments are generally recommended every 4–6 months. You can also
utilize additional treatments to sustain the results going such as Minoxidil (Rogaine),
hair supplements such as Nutrafol, and/or a laser helmet for ongoing hair growth. Ask us about these additional treatments!

It usually takes three to four months to start seeing a noticeable hair regrowth, but you will be so excited with the results!

Make your thinning hair and bald spots history!

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