Oxygen Bar Therapy

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Oxygen Bar Therapy

Breathing in oxygen sustains life, but today the air we breathe has only 20% oxygen instead of the 40% oxygen of 200 years ago. Pollution plus reduction in the ozone layer has caused many of us to suffer from a lack of oxygen. Not having enough oxygen causes our cells to weaken, lose their immunity, and leave us vulnerable to different health problems.

Adding extra oxygen to your system helps to counteract pollutants and chemicals, decreases stress, and helps provide better sleep patterns. Oxygen also calms our mind, improves digestion, speeds recovery, and heightens memory, concentration, and alertness. Oxygen in higher concentrations fights chronic fatigue and combats aging.

Oxygen Bar Therapy at Tensegrity

A relaxing oxygen experience in an oxygen bar, comprising 90-95% oxygen, can last from just a few minutes to about 20 minutes. Oxygen bars provide oxygen as a way to reduce stress, increase energy and alertness, and lessen the effects of hangover and headaches. You breathe in oxygen through your nose and begin to feel relaxed. Breathing in 90-95% oxygen is not dangerous to your health.

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